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You're off to a great start, because Barely There Wax Supply (aka BTWS) has all the goods to bring your waxing skills to the next level. Founded in 2014 by Esthetician Jennifer Vermilyea and her marketing-mama, Sharon, BTWS strives to stay ahead of the ever-changing market by constantly testing fresh new products. Only the best of the best are chosen to hold a coveted spot in the line-up—all so you can relax and enjoy a pain-free shopping experience!

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23rd Sep 2022
Congratulations to us.  It's been eight years since we formed Barely There Wax Supply and to ce
15th Sep 2022
There's a mask for every skin type in the Tuel line.  Check 'em out!
11th Aug 2022
This week we are featuring applicator sticks.  Applicators come in all shapes and sizes. 
25th Jul 2022
Berodin Lavender Lotion, Jasmine Oil, Post Wax Soothing Cream, Post Wax Essential Oil, Body Exfoliat
27th Jun 2022
Cotton Naturelles 100% pure medical-grade cotton rounds, wipes and applicators.
13th Jun 2022
Whether you want to turn back time, treat acne, brighten or hydrate - we've got you covered.  O